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El Mehdi Moustakim


El Mehdi Moustakim is a junior researcher in social sciences and a philosophy teacher.. He earned his BA in Sociology from the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences-Chouaib Al-Doukkali in Al-Jadida. After that, he studied at ENS, Ecole Normale Supérieure, where he got his diploma as a Philosophy teacher at high school. His research interest focuses on Philosophy, Sociology, Politics and Religion. Philosophy and Sociology are his passion that has helped El Mehdi to write several articles about those particular fields. He is also passionate by literature especially novels . El Mehdi published in many Arab and Moroccan journals such as Addawha, Yatafakaroun, Al-Hiwar, Al-Imarat Attaqafiya, Alfikr Al-arabi Al Mouâssir, Albahrein Attaqafiya,Tourat Al-Imarat, Al-Rafid, Dhawat. El Mehdi wrote several articles in Arab newspapers like Al-Arab Allondoniya, Alqods Alaârabi, Al-arabi Al-jadid, Almassaâ, Alkhabar, Akhbar Alyawm, Al-alam, Al-Ittihad Al-Ichtiraki.