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Violette Daguerre

Chairwoman of the Arab Committee of Human rights in Paris, FRANCE

Violette Daguerre holds a PhD from the Sorbonne University in social psychology in 1984 and a Master in clinical psychology and pathology in 1991. She was very active in the human rights International Movement and for more than 20 years she had consistently  defended Human Rights in the Arab World, especially since the establishment of the Arab Commission for Human Rights in 1998. She is president since 2001. Violette Daguerre wrote books and prepared reports and dozens of articles in Arabic and French (some of which are translated into English)some of her works include:

– Women and rights conquest, ACHR, Buds, Al-Ahali, 2010. (Book in French).

– Migration: problematic and defies, ACHR, ed. Cygne, 2010. (Book in French).