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Book chapters :

• « Human Rights Conditions in Morocco ». Book chapter series (2007-2009). « The State of Morocco » series, Rabat: Wijhat Nadar, 2007-2010 (Arabic). • « Critique of Masculinst Thinking Imprisoning the Image of Women in Patriarchal Societies », in Maati Monjib (ed.), Confrontation between the Islamists and the Secular in Morocco, Volume II, Amsterdam and Rabat: IKV Council Peace and […]

The « Makhzan » in Moroccan Political Culture (Book- Arabic).

The « Makhzan » in Moroccan Political Culture (Book- Arabic).

AUTHOR : Hind Arroub PUBLISHED BY : Wijhat Nadar, 2004 Through an approach rooted in political culture, this book analyzes the ‘makhzan’, the old executive apparatus in the Moroccan political system. Different aspects of the ‘makhzan’ are analyzed: its definition, origin, mechanisms of operation, and its survival as both a traditional administrative structure and a […]